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Ministry of Health

(017) 222-70-80
Department of Health:


(017) 285-00-10

Minsk Region

(017) 517-20-25

Brest Region

‎(0162) 58-09-93

Vitebsk Region

(0212) 47-40-70

Gomel Region

(0232) 75-44-87

Grodno Region

(0152) 72-13-45

Mogilev Region

(0222) 27-36-42

Department of Business Activities, Pricing and Management of State Property


Head: Dmitry Kalistratov

Office no. 823
Tel.: (017) 222‑70‑88, (017) 200‑91‑09

Our key responsibilities:

  • supporting the activities on planning the development of unitary enterprises of republican subordination in cooperation with other relevant MOH units, supervising their activities and submitting proposals on their reorganization;
  • communicating the targets for their development, fee-based medical services and export of services to republican unitary enterprises, regional health care departments, the health care panel of Minsk City Executive Committee and health care bodies of republican subordination;
  • providing technical support and consulting the MOH organizations on such issues as pricing of fee-based medical services, state property management, including communicating the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the orders of the Government and regulations, guidelines and other materials on state property management, collateral and lease to health care organizations of republican subordination.

In line with our responsibilities, we perform the following functions:

  • addressing the coordination (expert review) of development targets and investment and development business plans and overseeing their implementation;
  • implementing methodological, organizational and other measures on the development, target development, investment and development business plans;
  • analysing the financial and economic activities at organizations of republican subordination;
  • submitting materials on fee-based medical services to the Ministry of Economy for approval;
  • reviewing proposals on the management of property used by the bodies of republican subordination on the right of operational management and economic jurisdiction;
  • reviewing and preparing opinions on lease of non-operated facilities and equipment in the state property;
  • preparing materials on the establishment of unitary enterprises in the state property;
  • submitting proposals on privatization of bodies of republican subordination and compliance with the anti-monopoly legislation;
  • representing the Ministry before state administration and other bodies on the issues within our competence;
  • ensuring compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus for draft regulatory and other legal acts, orders on planning, accounting and reporting, control of financial and economic activities of unitary enterprises, property alienation and lease, development of extra-budgetary activities and fee-based medical services;
  • reviewing appeals from individuals and legal entities on the issues within our competence.

The department cooperates with other units and organizations of the Ministry, as well as with state administration bodies and other organizations on the issues within our competence.

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