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Ministry of Health

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Department of Economic Analysis and Health Care Development

Head: Elena Tkacheva

Office no. 861
Tel.: (017) 222‑66‑46

Our key responsibilities:

  1. providing economic and financial support for the health care development and improvement, medical personnel training and medical research;
  2. strategic and annual budget planning for the "Health Care", "Education", "Research", "Culture" and "National Defence" sectors;
  3. analysing the economic indicators of health care performance and financing;
  4. coordinating the provision of funds for target public health programmes and their economic feasibility;
  5. ensuring the optimal combination of the budget and market mechanisms of health care financing;
  6. improving the economic methods of health care management
  7. coordinating activities on any aspects of organizing and standardizing the work of health care personnel and their remuneration and incentives;
  8. working on improving the forms and systems of health care personnel remuneration.

In line with our responsibilities, we perform the following functions:

  1. preparing the budget estimate for the MOH system (republican and local budgets) and other annual, mid-term and long-term consolidated finance planning;
  2. managing the delivery of the state budget targets in health care financing, adjusting the volume of financial support provided to organizations of republican subordination due to changes in pricing, tariffs, etc.;
  3. ongoing analysis of the financial situation, delivery of budget estimates of fund users, use of income and expenditure targets on extra-budgetary funds;
  4. studying the economic feasibility and organizing financing of state health care programmes;
  5. studying the economic feasibility of the standards of logistic, medicinal, personnel support, dietary nutrition and textile products at health care organizations;
  6. managing the review, consolidation and distribution of domestic and foreign practices on health care economic development;
  7. developing and submitting proposals on increasing the efficiency of the health care financing system, improving the remuneration and incentives for health care personnel in order to ensure adequate distribution of health care resources;
  8. training personnel in the field of economics;
  9. carrying out regular activities on improving the human resources standards, staff regulations of health care organizations and supervising the accuracy of staff schedules at subordinate bodies in compliance with the legislation;
  10. reviewing the organizational structure, staff regulations, model personnel composition, workload standards, working hours, work leaves and other issues related to organizing and rationing working environment within the ministerial system;
  11. coordinating the activities on improving the organization, rationing of and remuneration for the personnel of organizations subordinate to the Ministry;
  12. consolidating the application practices of regulations in the field of economics developing and submitting proposals on legislative amendments;
  13. conducting economic review of draft regulations and their feasibility study;
  14. developing draft regulatory and other legal acts falling within our competence;
  15. supporting integrated audits of the business activities related to expenditure planning, staff remuneration and discipline;
  16. reviewing appeals from deputies, public bodies, non-commercial organizations, mass media and citizens on the issues within our competence.

The Department comprises:

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